If Behavioral Ad Targeting Works, I Must Have a Secret “Other” Life

This digital ad-targeting thing is crazy!

By now, you know that every time you fill out a “profile” to join something on the internet, you divulge lots of information for targeting you with ‘PERSONALIZED” ads.

So, I used Yahoo! to search for a retail company. I clicked on the “CorporationWiki” link to view the company info. The first ad was for SEO services.

“Alright…they know I have a website.”

The second ad featured a row of photos of about five busty white women, with copy that read, “We don’t want younger men, we want you!”

The third time, it was a flashing red banner that said, “Click here to view your arrest record now.”

So, here’s what Yahoo! “knows” about me: I’m an old, single, buxom-white-woman-loving, ex-con, internet geek.


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