Don’t Tell Your Likers, Fans and Followers Anything! (from the archives of the old AdTex Interactive Blog)

“Don’t tell your Social Media “Likers”, fans and followers anything!”

I gave this advice to a client today. Am I crazy? Do I have a business “death wish”? Have I been “bought” by the client’s competition?

Please allow me to explain. The client is a proven, experienced incumbent politician. He’s facing a younger, social-media savvy opponent in an upcoming election. It’s our client’s first foray into Social Media as a campaign tool and he’s eager to tell voters about his significant contributions to his district and years of dedicated service. But part of our job is convincing clients and potential clients that, unlike much of traditional marketing, Social Media is a two-way conversation. It isn’t about “broadcasting” your products or services to a “captive audience” of “likers”, “friends”, fans, followers or subscribers. It’s about engagement and stimulating a conversation that always comes back around to what you’re selling.

As a child, someone (possibly an educator or church mentor) asked me “How many mouths do you have?” Of course the answer was “One.” The next question was “How many ears do you have?” “Two.” I didn’t need to be hit over the head with the moral. I understood that we should spend at least twice as much time listening as talking. This isn’t a bad marketing practice. Speaking of “practice”, I told the councilman that one of our Social Media “Best Practices” is composing Facebook posts and tweets as questions, whenever possible. It tends to produce responses and stimulate interaction.

This works for our restaurant and retail clients:

“Today’s Special is Buffalo Chicken Sliders for $5.99” becomes “What side are you gonna’ have with your tangy, delicious $5.99 Buffalo Chicken Sliders, today?”

“We have a huge selection of Goodyear tires.” becomes “Guess how many sizes and models of Goodyear tires we carry? The closest guesser gets a free rotation, today only!”

“Get 1/2–price appetizers during the big game today.” becomes “Who wins game six, tonight? Let’s discuss it over tasty ½-price appetizers!”

“12.99 full set nail special today.” becomes “Which co-worker is more likely to notice how great your nails look after today’s $12.99 full-set special? Let us know.”

“Our hot wings are the best!” becomes “How do our hot wings rate? We’re up to the challenge.”

Get the idea?

So, we’ll continue to advise Social Media clients to get stingy with the promotional posts. Spark the conversation and you’ll soon get a chance to make your pitch. “Likers”, fans, followers and subscribers will appreciate the effort. Successfully executing this strategy requires a knowledgeable digital agency with an experienced copywriter on board. I can recommend one.